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This week marked the release of The Legend of Tarzan in cinemas around the world and to celebrate I thought we would take a look at some of the best film romances that have hit our cinemas lovelies! From Tarzan and Jane to Jack and Rose there has been many. 

So grab those close to you and get ready to cuddle up on the nearest vine lovelies as we take a look at some of the best film couples of all time…

Tarzan and Jane (The Legend of Tarzan): From their portrayal in the Disney animation to the recent adaptation of one of the greatest stories ever, Jane and Tarzan have let nothing stop them from falling in love. Facing evil masterminds and the tropical elements their love has really stood the test of time. 

Noah and Allie (The Notebook): Who didn’t route for these two? They are the cutest, sweetest and at times very real couple that has everybody reaching for the tissues upon watching the film. Their love is a strong, beautiful story that deserves to be shared every day. Plus Ryan Gosling is an added bonus!

Jack and Rose (Titanic): If there was ever a more tragic love story it is the story of Jack and Rose. The true film version of love at first sight, the pair was willing to risk everything to be together. Experiencing a series of firsts together and flying at the front of a boat together, they have one of the best cinematic romances of all time. 

Baby and Johnny (Dirty Dancing): Oh Patrick Swayze! The original bad boy made everyone want to be Baby. Fighting off the evil characters in the film, teaching and taking over the dance floor, all while keeping his cool and making sure everyone knew that he really loved Baby by making sure she never got placed in a corner again. 

Kat and Patrick (10 Things I Hate About You): From singing in front of the whole school to paint ball fights, Kat and Patrick proved that love isn’t perfect but there are continuously reasons to keep going. Battling high school dramas and over protective parents the film showed everyone the most fun couple of all time. 

Bridget and Mark (Bridget Jones Diary): The best British romance of all time, this pair had to work to prove to everyone that they clicked. There hasn’t been a match made in heaven like these two for a long time in the film industry. 

Bella and Edward (Twilight Franchise): Out of this world couples aren’t odd in the film industry but when a human falls for a vampire there is a sense of how on earth is this going to work? Well it did and their romance played out so well on screen more books and films came with it. Long live Edward and Bella’s romance in their vampire form. 

Peeta and Katniss (The Hunger Games Franchise): Having battled the world and everyone who was against them, Peeta and Katniss came together in the end to prove that happiness and love out wins everyone and everything stopping them. Their romance is the perfect conclusion to the books. 

The Legend of Tarzan is out now in cinemas everywhere lovelies! Let me know which film romance is your favourite or that I have missed lovelies!

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