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Recently I got thinking about the great romantic films that I have watched and I have decided to do a huge feature on them soon, but I really got thinking about the ways in which they don’t make them like they used to. I haven’t had the feels that I had when I first watched a film like The Notebook in a long time. 

So I was interested to see if The Choice, the latest of Nicholas Spark’s books to be adapted for the big screen, could bring back to life some of the old feels. Unfortunately it didn’t. 

Following a young pair called Travis and Gabby, the film seems more like the perfect fit for a one off TV series than a film. The story which sees them come together, form a relationship and then be forced apart by horrible circumstances has been played out a lot now and this type of storyline a lot. 

There are of course the ideal locations, which actually sadly take away your attention from the storyline in the film. But it is the loss or lack of originality that makes this film a disappointment. There could have been a new and interesting flare to it but there really isn’t. 

However the lack of plot originality doesn’t stop the actors from trying their hardest. Both Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker work hard to save the film from going down the same routes that other stories or films with a similar plot have they ultimately can’t. 

It is is up to you if you watch the film but sadly I am giving it…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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