Good Morning Lovelies, 

With Batman V Superman being a bit of a let-down for me lovelies (Sorry!) I needed something to restore my faith in DC. And I have found it in the marvellous Supergirl season one which landed on my desk a few weeks ago and I can confirm is great. 

The show follows a similar platform to the likes of Smallville in the way it follows the character from a young age into the figure that she is. Unlike that show however this one starts off action packed and ends action packed. 

Benoist has given viewers a Supergirl to be proud of as she takes on the forces that threaten her and her adopted family. All of which is made up of great actors. The show takes us into the worlds that make it enjoyable as we see her get close to being the biggest superhero in the world alongside her biological family. 

On the DVD version there is also a lot of added extras that make each scene have more depth within it. And this leads to more viewing time being spent when watching the show. You want to see how the characters made up of actors such as Calista Flockhart, David Harewood and more are going to develop and change the course in which the young superhero is on. 

I hope that as the show continues that more faces cameo in the show because it would be incredible to see how their stories could mix in and develop Supergirl as a character. Benoist has made a likable figure that will empower women every time they watch the show. 

And because of this I am giving the show…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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