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A few weeks ago I was sent the film Strangerland to review. Starring Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving, the film is full of star talent who portray the gritty story in a very interesting way. 

Telling the story of a husband and wife whose children go missing, the film is set in Australia where massive dust storms are destroying the resident’s lives. Upon one storm the family is destroyed as it prevents the local cop from helping them to find their children. 

This causes rumours and terror to spread in the town they live in, as the family try to find the children before it is too late.

Kidman is a great actress but it seems the roles she is being given don’t allow for her talents to shine like they once did. Her actions as the hard hitting mother in the film looking for her children to return is not one of her strongest roles to date. While she is powerful and manages to make you believe that she is really affected by the story. 

She isn’t given or giving the audience anything that makes her stand out amongst other actresses who have tackled similar storylines. When you look back at Kidman working in her native country, Australia is still in fact her strongest role.

Fiennes and her relationship in the film also seem to play out not so well. They work well together but not as a married couple. They actually work better when they are not on screen together because they use their acting talents in different ways. 

It is the breakdown of the actors and what they can do that let this film down the most. The setting and some of the story is very strong and it would be award winning if they could get the actors and those working behind the scenes to give them what they need to do show their talents more. 

There so I am giving the film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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