Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Now I am sure you are all probably very sick of me going on about Ireland, but I wanted to share with you all some of my greatest moments of the trip. This was the first trip I had been on abroad in over three years and I didn’t know I needed it until I left the country. 

In January this year we booked up to stay in Dublin, a place I always wanted to go to. For me the Irish are the loveliest people and they always know what to do to make me smile. In fact while I was away the people made me laugh a lot and the jokes I had with them have come home. 

Waking up on the ferry to this beautiful view

Dublin was also a place in which I felt was the perfect place to spend my 21st birthday. Everyone I know who has been there have come back with great memories and I wanted them to. So my lovely mum decided to treat me to a week in the sun (and a little rain).

With my mum having a health condition that means she can’t fly we booked up on the National Express Eurolines travel service. This is actually a really easy service and pretty cheap to lovelies. However be warned summer on a coach isn’t the nicest. This is why we did night time travelling. It was killer but it meant I got the most out of all the days I could. 

Once this was all sorted we were off on the 10th July on the coach and ferry. I’m not going to lie I felt a little ill on this journey but once I arrived in Ireland, very tired, I was ready to go. I didn’t care what was going on, if people were awake or if anything was even open I just wanted to start my holiday. 

There so I was quick to find a place to eat my breakfast and the chosen place was Ann’s Bakery. I am a bit of a health freak lovelies and I wanted to keep up the good eating while away and this place had the most amazing porridge going. My mum was quick to tuck into Ham frittata that was on offer and the whole meal with drinks came to €9.90. A bargain compared to the prices on the ferry. 

The best Irish porridge ever

Before we went we had booked to stay in the Temple Bar apartments run by the Key Collection in Dublin. The company were a god send lovelies. From the moment we arrived we were welcomed by them and they were as helpful as possible. 

While we weren’t able to check in until 4pm they allowed us to store our entire luggage with them and when we couldn’t walk anymore they let us stay in their building, use their WIFI and gave us drinks. This is also the moment in which I fell asleep on a sofa in front of about 100 people, but I didn’t care I was on holiday aha! 

They could see how tired we were from this and they were quick to let us check in early, as we were taken to our room by a helper at 1pm. I was literally in love with them by this point. The team were quick to show us around and I was so pleased by the whole apartment. It was modern, in the heart of everything and the team were on hand if we ever needed them 24 hours a day. 

Once we were left on our own, me and my mum unpacked and I decided to do a quick workout before showering in the most amazing power shower ever made. While I was doing this my mum was going around the apartment and found the WIFI information, the washing liquid, powder and food they had provided us with. Yes they gave us food. Legends right? 

It wasn’t enough food though lovelies so we were quick to cross the Ha’Penny Bridge and go to the Jervis shopping centre while also taking in some of the sights to pop into Tesco to find things to cook with. Once this was done we took a slow night walk back to our room where I found the Seven O’clock show which I am really really missing right now. 

The first day we were there was all about getting settled in lovelies. We had been travelling all night and both of us had hardly any sleep until we were in our room, so it was a quick shop and then a mad belly full sleep on the first day. 

But don’t worry lovelies the trip was full of things in which we did and I will tell you all about it more over the next few days, so be prepared lovelies. 

Keep check back this weekend and next week for more Dublin goodness lovelies! 

Joey X

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