Good Morning Lovelies,

Whenever my grandad comes round or when I go to my grandads I listen carefully or watch with him things about WWI and WWII. He is obsessed with what they teach him and I actually should be thankful for this because it really helped me in school when I studied history. So when I received the three part documentary Long Shadow: The Great War on DVD to review I had to watch it with him.

Starring David Reynolds, the documentary goes around the world looking at the different things that remain from WWI and the impact it had not only back then but now to those who live near or surrounding them. It is interesting to see as a viewer these remaining elements that made such an impact on the people who were in the war.

Flickering between footage of the near and now to moments that happened back then in the same place it makes for compelling footage for a viewer. There is a learning curve around every corner in fact.

And that is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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