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As a member of a bloggers group I have been lucky enough to apply to review some of the great upcoming items in our world. This week I was lucky enough to receive a few samples of the new salad products from Steve’s Leaves

With a great name I was already excited to see what the product would bring. Since 2013 I have been eating healthy (well trying to) and look forward to new and interesting healthy salads I can find on the market that aren’t boring. 

Steve’s Leaves picks only the best small leaves to put in their products which are always growing. Out this year already are two new salad bags including Red Frilly Mustard with Tender Leaves and Confetti Coriander with Mild Leaves, plus two new salad bowls. It was the bowls in which I received, along with some very nice vouchers and recipe cards. 

One Perfect Ploughman’s Salad and a Terrific Thai Salad. In the Ploughman’s salad you could find red frilly mustard, green Batavia, crimson chard and mizuna leaves mixed together with cheddar chunks, pearl onions, mini gherkins, mini crackers and a perfect pickle dressing lovelies. 

While in the Thai salad you could find coconut shavings, dried mango pieces, carrot sticks, pea shoots, baby spinach, red chard, confetti coriander and a chilli and lemongrass dressing to place on top. 

As someone who knew what was coming and with my taste buds being weird as I am ill, I asked my mum to be my taste tester again (although I did steal the remaining pieces in the bowl! Shhh don’t tell her!). Mixing the salads up in the rightful bowls I gave her first the Ploughman’s salad first. I knew from her love of the same style in sandwiches that this was probably going to go well. It did aha!

She instantly loved the taste and started to piece together how she could recreate the style until she could get her hands on a bowl again. She enjoyed the way in which the crackers added a flavour different to croutons. She said it was more fun and the tangy twist of the added pickle dressing made the leaves a whole lot more flavoursome. 

Next up was the Thai salad. This one I was a little worried to give her as I know she is a bit weird with tastes like this. She normally has to be in the mood to eat something like this. However she enjoyed the mixture of the mango in the leaves. Although she was quick to state that the coconut wasn’t her favourite addition to the bowl, but she knew she could have left these out as they come in a small pot. Her favourite thing about the salads was the dressing. 

As soon as I poured it on I could smell the tangy sweet smell and it instantly reminded me of summer. My mum was quick to add that it would be a perfect treat for a summer BBQ with a difference. It would definitely add something to the burgers were her suggestions. 

Overall my mum and I were very impressed with the bowls. Mixed together in a fun way with minimum mess (the company work hard to show how they don’t like waste), the dishes would be an easy item to place on the table at the next dinner party or to carry around with you at lunch or before an event.  It is hard to believe that there is actually so much in the bowl that is that size. They would definitely keep you full for a long time and I am looking forward to having more when I am feeling better. 

The products can be picked up at Waitrose lovelies, so I imagine you can also get them at Ocado to, for £2.39. I know this is probably a bit expensive for a salad dish compared to others, but this is definitely jam packed with food and if you are only going to get one every once in a while it is totally worth it. My mum is in fact going out to buy more for our journey to Ireland this weekend aha! 

Will you be trying these lovelies? Let me know on Twitter what you think to! Or tweet @StevesLeaves letting them know!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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