Good Morning Lovelies,

As you all know by now I am a fan of horror films. The thrill, the edge of your seat and the chills. It is something I enjoy and I know it is weird but when a horror film can make me feel those things I get happy. It means that a horror film has done what it should and succeeded.

So when I was kindly sent the latest films to come from the Film4 Frightfest team I was excited to see what they had to offer. Starting with Last Girl Standing…

Instead of starting at the beginning this film looks and takes audiences on a journey of what happens when the credits have rolled on the characters. The film is like what you would get from a really good sequel but without the worry of it having to match up to anything we have seen before.

There is a sense of terror throughout and the creators have made a film that makes it ten times harder to not be scared by. You think that they have had the worse but the characters are showing you the terror in the aftermath.

This is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Next up was The Lesson…

A film that goes back to basics, The Lesson, is a film that will soon become a cult hit with everyone who watches it. Following two teenagers and their teacher, the film sees the teacher reach the end of the line with what he takes from the loud mouthed figures.

The film will be a lesson for all audience members, young or old, as it shows the darkness of how far students can affect teachers. It is an interesting and comedic take on what students make teachers think at times and yes it is very dark because of this.

It will definitely make you want to go back to school and apologise for anything you may have done to upset your teacher.

There so I am giving it…

3 Stars

Finally I watched Curtain…

From teachers to medics, this film follows a nurse as she moves into her new home. However while many would enjoy the new sense of freedom, the nurse is tainted and taunted by the shower curtain in her home which manages to move around and invite things into the house that she definitely didn’t want there.

It is a very weird script and storyline lovelies I have to admit. When I first heard about the film it seemed like it may be a bit like Psycho but it definitely wasn’t. The film is a dark look at how a home is haunted but with added over the top elements that make it boring and laughable when it shouldn’t be.

This is why I am giving it…

2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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