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I am here bright and early this morning to bring you all a brand new interview I did with the star of Gomorrah Season Two, Cristiana Dell’Anna, who was kind enough to answer all my questions about the show and what she has coming up lovelies. 

Have a little read below lovelies…

1. Firstly can you tell us a little bit about your character for people who may not have seen the show?
Patrizia is a passionate young woman, brave and very intelligent. The eldest of four kids, she grew up without her parents and had to take on the responsibility to raise her brother and two sisters, sacrificing everything for them. But when she meets the devil in person, Don Pietro, she finally sees an opportunity to feed the desire to emerge and be rewarded for all her sacrifices. Without realising it, she transforms into a very dangerous criminal. 

2. How has your character developed and changed during season two?
Falling in love with Don Pietro means falling in love with a chance to get out of the misery she’s lived in since she was a kid. It means dissolving a sense of dissatisfaction and solitude, given by the decay of the surroundings, the lack of alternatives to a very difficult life. Wanting to emerge, to prove she is worth, is the trigger to her change. Good feelings turn into bad and serve the wrong cause. And once the change is complete, there is no going back. 

3. What was it about this role that stood out to you as an actor?
Her nerves. Not necessarily without fear, she has always the strength and the guts to face dangerous situations and people. That’s how she can stand her ground with Don Pietro. 

4. Who is your favourite character apart from your own? And why?
Oh Gosh… They’re all so dislikeable… Maybe Don Pietro, expression of failure on many levels. He doesn't know how to speak with his son, nor does he understand him. His power is falling and loses the grip it once had on the society in which it ripened. Never we see him committing homicides with his bare hands, unless strictly necessary. And when that happens, it’s the most brutal act. The darkest character, in my opinion. 

5. How would you like your character to develop and change in the future further? 
I’ve no idea frankly. That’s not my job. Whatever her destiny, it will be a piece in the puzzle. The narration of the bigger picture in Gomorrah is the thing that counts the most. We, as actors and characters, only serve the story. 

6. How do you think the industry could change to encourage more women to take part in shows such as Gomorrah? 
Women should be written for more, regardless the kind of show. We are still unequally portrayed and our world not enough explored. The scene seems to be changing though, even if the process is still very slow. More women are leading countries, more recognition is given to women in academic fields, more women write successfully… This will eventually reflect in our industry as well. It is of course our responsibility as well, we should write, produce, direct, act for ourselves much more.

7.  What TV shows do you think everyone should be watching apart from Gomorrah? 
Rectify. It’s brilliant! Also based on real facts, it’s brilliantly acted. It’s one of those stories that stick with you for a long time after you’ve watched them. They make you think, question right and wrong. When that happens, it’s called Art!

8. Finally can you tell us anything you are working on in the next few months?
I’m shooting a film. But that’s all I can say really. And let’s not forget Gomorrah 3, of course!

The second season will be out on Monday lovelies! 

Joey X

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