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As soon as I came back from Dublin I decided to work out and watch a film at the same time. For this session I stuck on the film High-Rise, a feature I had waited a long time to finally get to see, after looking forward to it for months.

Starring Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Moss, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller and Jeremy Irons, the film follows Hiddleston’s character Dr. Robert Laing as he moves into a new apartment block which houses everything inside. From a swimming complex to a supermarket, the residents have no reason to leave where they live.

However that is not a good thing. The characters find it hard to make their lives adapt to the building and there is a sense of madness from the get go. However this madness turns into beauty. The film uses the craziness of the characters’ lives to make tear inducing shots of pure stunning viewing.

Ben Wheatley has a way of making British cinema stand out and his latest adventure will definitely stick with all of those that are in the film. Hiddleston has never played a role like this, but Wheatley has allowed for him to showcase his many talents. As he also does with Evans and Miller.

There is a sense throughout watching that Wheatley has cleverly made it seem as though the film is a trip. A drug induced place that many associate with their time in the 70s. It is also as if the apartment is heaven.

Irons’ character is God and everyone answers to him, while Hiddleston and the other members in the block are the faces of those that follow him. Wheatley has made a film that captures so many interpretations that it is hard to actually stick with one. Everything in every scene just goes out of the window.

All thoughts must be left at the door. All moments of thinking you know something must be left behind and changed. There is no thought process to it like other films. There is no character in which you root for or get behind. There is just a sense of this world being unreal and the people in it being confined to madness that is hard to imagine.

Wheatley has a way of making his characters hateable but also watchable. You want to know more about them. What they think, feel or need to survive. You need to know how on earth they are going to get out of it. And in this case the characters get out of it in the weirdest ways imaginable.

It is a film to leave all senses and reasonable thoughts behind. It is a film to be watched and enjoyed because of the sheer talent, beauty and ideas in it. Just don’t expect to come away with a solid thought for a while, because you will be trying to work it out long after you see it.

High-Rise has really earned itself this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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