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Now do you remember just after or before Christmas Sacha Baron Cohen released the film Grimsby? Well that film, which I hear a certain scene left many disturbed, has now been released on DVD and Blu-ray. So I decided to sit down and watch it.

Cohen is never shy of causing a controversy in his stories and he certainly was going to get one with Grimsby. Starring Cohen, Rebel Wilson and Mark Strong, the film follows a spy as he gets his brother, Nobby, to help him with his latest case. However Nobby’s only interests in life are football and his girlfriend. Plus their nine children.

Not the finest of Cohen’s films, the film is a serious pushing the limits film. It has many scenes that will leave you shocked, disgusted and holding your stomach from laughter because of the way in which every scene plays out. There is a lot also of moments were the people of Grimsby could take offence and rightly so.

As for the acting in the film it is strange to see Strong in a role like this. While Cohen immerses himself in the role and makes the character seem like a real person, it is Strong who is having his acting talents tested. It is a role unlike anything he has ever starred in before and it is interesting to see him take on the comedy side of life.

Plus the film does have some top cameos within it. Penelope Cruz is a shocking face to in the film. It is as though Strong and Cruz have decided to show and share with the world a different side of their talents. It is just sad that the film could have been stronger when allowing them to do.

Although I have to admit there is a lovable side to the film. With Cohen you can’t but fall under the charms of the characters he creates. There is something about them and especially with Nobby that makes them real but ridiculous. And that is what makes them winners. Nobby isn’t the best at all but he is able to save himself from being placed at the bottom of the pile. Only by a small amount though.

Overall the film is a testing feature with a few gags that will win you over. The acting is probably the finest thing in it and mostly from the people who you don’t expect to be in it. There testing ways towards their careers make it better than it should be review wise.

There so I am giving it…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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