Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Day four of Dublin was again a very eventful day. One of the main reasons for this lovelies was because it was my birthday! I turned 21 at last and in one of the best cities in the world. I had a lot planned for the day but as an animal lover I knew where I wanted to go first. 

Having opened all my presents that my mum brought with her, as I told her to not bring anything big as I am an idiot and would probably have lost it by the time we got home, I was all set with my big birthday badge to enjoy the day. Starting with Dublin Zoo. 

Catching the hop on and off again bus, the coach took us all the way to the famous Phoenix Park where the zoo is situated. It is only a five minute walk from the bus stop to the zoo and it is actually quite nice that you get this little walk because you can see a lot of the park while walking to it. But believe me you will not miss the zoo when doing this. 

Greeted with a long wall with zoo name on it, we were asked to walk up a small hill to the fast pass entry with our passes and were in the zoo within five minutes of arriving. Automatically I could see the Orangutans and my heart was about to explode. I won't lie lovelies I hate my birthday, in fact I just hate birthdays full stop. There is always a thing with birthdays where there is a certain expectation. Not only from yourself I think but also from the people around you and so I am not a massive fan of them. 

But being at the zoo made me so much happier because animals are my life (and films of course). Walking around the zoo it is a bit muddled up. You walk one way and see something and then have to go back on yourselves to see another bit but once you get the hang of it you are okay to go. 

Dublin Zoo is a little bit smaller than you may think but it does make it quite a cute experience. Especially when you see how up close you can get to the animals. As huge elephant lovers, me and my mum were beside ourselves with the opportunities we got to share with them about five minutes into our arrival. In fact my mum who never does this, stood up to make sure she got a really good picture of them. 

The zoo also has a farm and they were very lucky I didn't steal the big rabbit that they had there. If I could have found a way to have brought it home I definitely would have. And unfortunately they didn't have one in the gift shop that I could have brought home with me either. 

Leaving the zoo we did do a bit of shopping as my mum didn't want to leave behind the zoo without getting something with the elephants on it. With a keyring and a pen in hand we left the park and were on our way to our next stop on the bus again. 

Before I went to Dublin I had a running joke going with the team at The Little Museum of Dublin that I would be coming in and that they should pop the kettle on. The team were even more lovelier when I arrived in person. They were the first people to wish me a happy birthday and were so much fun to be around. I think the whole of my birthday this place made it for me. 

The museum is on three floors and there is something for everyone. If you are a film fan you can sit and enjoy a feature film in a cool cupboard under the stairs screening. If you are a history fan you can explore the history throughout but mainly in the special exhibitions on the bottom floor. If you are a music fan than you will love the U2 room on the top floor and if you are just looking for a fun interactive museum than this is the best place to be because there is so much to do. 

Your eyes kind of get lost in all of the action that is going on and when a tour begins your ears get deafened by the air siren that they use to call all the people together in case they are off enjoying the museum for themselves. Everyone that is here is really friendly and even though it really is little you should go and see this in Dublin. Although I never got my cup of tea aha! 

After leaving the museum we turned the corner and headed back to Grafton Street to see a few more shops. A meltdown later and I was ready to buy a whole store which had all the Pop characters you could imagine in it lovelies. I am talking Friends, Clueless and Napoleon Dynamite lovelies. 

We also popped round to a few other shopping places including Arnott’s, Brown Thomas and Dunne, which everyone kept telling me to go into. We also found a little walk through shopping place and an indoor market to enjoy before getting lost again. 

By this point I was a little tired so we decided after much debate about whether to go and see Ghostbusters or not that we would go home and cosy up while watching a film I had brought along with me. 

However upon getting back to the room which was about 7pm at this point, we found ourselves eating a ton of food, enjoying the party across the road from us and then sitting up watching Shaun of the Dead. As you do! 

My birthday wasn't very eventful lovelies and turning 21 was a little anti-climactic but I was so impressed with The Little Museum of Dublin that I didn't care. Honestly they are the nicest people and I am so happy I got to see it before I went home. 

Have you been to any of these places? Let me know what you thought of them! 

Joey X

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