Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

After a very eventful second day of our trip, we did not slow down. Day three was equally as fun and adventurous and I think it was this day that really made me trip what it was lovelies. Up early and ready to go again, but a little bit later than the day before, we picked what we wanted to see and were off. 

The Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery

With the sun shining down on us we quickly went to find the hop on and off bus again to take us to our first stop which was the Jameson Whiskey Distillery tour which was a little bit further away to our apartment. Using our Dublin passes again the bus was included and we were able to sit down and enjoy the ride for a little bit of the morning. 

It was on the bus in fact lovelies that I learnt a lot about the history of Dublin. For example on O'Connell Street there is a stature of a man with angels at the bottom and if you look at the angels some of them have holes in them which are actually bullet holes. These came from the Easter 1916 uprising and are now a sightseeing element of the city. 

As well we got to see some of the famous buildings that housed some of the biggest Irish stars around including Bono, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Colin Farrell and more lovelies. Plus this was where we also got to see the full Guinness factory at its best and it is a lot bigger than it seems lovelies. 

However we were soon arriving at the Jameson museum and after nearly getting lost we entered the very cool barrel shaped door to take part in the next tour. We had to wait about 20 minutes for it to begin but while waiting we enjoyed looking around some of the historical parts that you could see in the reception area, including an old delivery bike and the brick walls that made up the old distillery. We also went and did a sneaky bit of shopping at this point. 

It wasn't long though until we were called for our tour and compared to the Guinness tour we had a guide for this one. Placed into a hall we were asked where we were from and the big impact of doing this made me so happy. Soon we were making friends with people from America and I will tell you a really cute thing we did in a moment. 

But first a little bit about the tour. To begin with you are asked to watch a video about the history of Jameson Whiskey and how it came to be created which actually involves some Monks lovelies. You are then guided around each room where they show you each method the company uses, how the whiskey is processed and the Angel's Share that sees them take a large amount of whiskey for their parties up there. 

The Taste Test

Then much like the Guinness storehouse there is a tasting section, however this one is very different. Instead of having just one drink to try you are giving three different companies whiskeys including Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker and then of course Jameson's. This allows the tester to see the sweetness of Jameson's and the easy way it goes down compared to the others. My mum was again the tester here and she did admit that Jameson's was the best one. 

After testing the whiskey, we were then moved on to a bar area where you could have a whiskey or a whiskey, ginger ale and lime cocktail. I don't drink so I was quite happy with water but my mum was quick to get me to pick up one of the ginger ale cocktails. I was very confused by this point as she picked up a whiskey but it all became very clear soon after that. 

We had spent much of the tour with some American gentlemen and the cutest old man who was so helpful throughout. So my mum thought it would be nice if we gave him another whiskey to enjoy. I literally could have cried at this moment lovelies because this is the sort of thing that warms my heart. He looked so happy and I will never ever forget that moment as he made the whole table shout cheers to each other. A complete table of strangers who were just having a lovely time. It is probably this section of the tour that makes me so happy about the trip. If I even think about it I get an instant smile and I could cry tears of happiness, which I know is weird but sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference. 

After we had finished our drinks we were quick to try and dodge the rain, even though the bus didn't turn up for a while, to get to the Dublin Writers Museum. While on the long journey back we learnt even more about the city's history and even got to see the famous St Patrick's Cathedral, which was looked after by the son of Arthur Guinness and the prison that I wanted to go into but was unable to see in the end. Maybe next time! 

First Edition Books By Some Of Ireland's Best Writers

Upon arriving at the museum we were quickly invited in to see some of the first editions and books by the likes of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift. It was amazing to see as a fan of reading but I did get a little sad in the museum as I thought it would be the perfect place to have seen with my friend Issy who is a literary graduate and the one person I always trust when she says I have to read a certain book. There so I made sure in the museum to take as many pictures I could as possible to share with her. 

The museum is a little small lovelies. It really doesn't take a long time to walk around it, which means that you can visit it if you have a free afternoon with ease lovelies. This is the same thing for City Hall. 

We were feeling a little hungry after all the mornings action, so we popped back to our apartment to grab some lunch before heading back out. Around the corner from us, quite literally, was Dublin City Hall. I was constantly telling my mum before we went away that I wanted to see City Hall as it is one of the biggest parts of Dublin and finally on Wednesday we saw it. 


Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the building when you first walk into it lovelies. I instantly went and I know this is a weird thing to say that I wanted to get married there. Just waiting for Michael Fassbender, Jamie Dornan or Domhnall Gleeson to ask me now aha! 

In the basement to the hall is a museum that houses special exhibitions celebrating figures who have made Dublin what it is. While we were there the exhibit was looking at the history of the fire service of the city and the people in history who helped so many people.  It is only a small exhibit but you can learn a lot from all the information in it lovelies. 

Once we had finished in the hall we weren't really sure what to do with ourselves. The tiredness had begun to set in again and so we thought it may be best to go and do something easy. We went shopping! This time though we returned to the Jervis Shopping Centre where we knew we would not get lost. 

After popping in a few shops, we closed the day with a food run to Tesco before going home and enjoying even more food. Honestly my mum ate a huge tub of Ice Cream to herself quite happily for most of it. We were also keen to catch up on the Seven O'clock show that we are now missing a lot. 

Have you been to any of these places lovelies? Let me know what you thought of them! More news on my trip tomorrow! 

Joey X

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