Good Morning Lovelies, 

Watching Crimes of Passion I didn’t know really what to expect. The synopsis was a crazy explanation and the characters in the film sounded like the most out of this world figures there ever was. So it came to no shock to me lovelies that this is what I found upon viewing. 

With murderous sex toys, Norman Bates himself - Mr Anthony Perkins – and even more madness, the film is a hard to explain piece. Following the life of fashion designer Joanna Crane, the film shows her double life as a prostitute and the clients she works with who are all mad. 

Not one of them would you ever want to be near let alone in the same room as. There is a sense of crazed madness throughout – not only from them but from the whole theme and ideas of the film. There is no stopping the filmmaker Ken Russell and it is easy to see why so many of the people who made his films left. 

However it isn’t all bad. There is a sense of beauty behind the madness. Not one to lie to you all it is by far not the best film I have ever seen, but it does show how a filmmaker who has a passion to make something out there can. 

Russell doesn’t follow any rules but his own. He makes a film that will shock, terrify and cause problems for many viewers, but he has done so by not copying others. And that is what makes this film a cult British classic. 

There so with this in mind I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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