Good Morning Lovelies,

In his first leading role, Iggy Pop takes on Ibiza as he tries to find out the truth behind some of the biggest crimes where he lives. The film isn’t hard going but the acting and the talent within it makes it bearable to watch and fresh.

Pop is an interesting figure in this case. He is with some huge talent and while he sometimes can’t match up to them what he is remembered for makes him shine next to them. He oozes cool and sophistication and makes you want to see what he is going to do next because of his presence on screen. 

However he isn’t the only one. The film focuses on the lives of four main characters and each character has something new to give and provide. They are interesting figures but they are faces and stories that have been told a lot before and many of them a lot better. 

While the film seems to begin with a gripping over the top motion of a cowboy or western based film it is not. It is a film about the people. There is nothing to thrilling or too much about it but that sometimes isn’t a good thing. 

There so I am giving it…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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