Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

This weekend marks Father’s Day on Sunday lovelies and while I know many of you will be buying your dad the best films (mine has got Deadpool to enjoy), I was kindly asked if I would like to try an extra little Father’s Day gift. 

Held in a wooden box, which I will admit was not the easiest thing to open, the gift was a limited edition pack of four award winning Belgian style Shock Top beers and of course the classic Father’s Day gift of socks. 

The beer is a specially crafted wheat ale which has a description on the side of the added spices that are placed into the beer. It sounds a bit like a mixture of spices that make up Chai tea lovelies, but I am guessing these are mixed to suit the beer better. 

Seeing as I don’t drink I got my brother, who is a dad, to test out the beers. If there is one thing my brother can do it is test out beers. From reading the description he instantly compared the beers to a Carlsberg drink he use to enjoy but is now no longer sold in the UK. 

Having missed it for years he was quick to enjoy this beer while watching the football. And he enjoyed it from what I have been hearing all day from him since. 

As for the socks I handed these to my dad. He is always moaning about us giving him weird socks on the holidays, so I thought what perfect time to give him another pair. He did moan at them but also was fast to say that they were soft. My dad ladies and gentleman aha! 

For the first time ever in the UK lovelies these bottles are being sold at Ocado and for £15.99 you can get them in this special edition boxset that is perfect for Father’s Day. I can imagine that the rest of the bottles will be enjoyed by my dad and brothers on Sunday while enjoying the rest of the football together. 

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Let me know if you pick up one of these special edition packs lovelies. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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