Good Afternoon My Lovelies,

And how are you all today? I have got a special treat coming your way now because I am about to bring you my top picks from the Edinburgh Film Festival which begins tomorrow lovelies. I was looking through the lists of films and events and I picked out so many that this will be the first of two posts on it lovelies.

I thought I would share 12 of my top picks, breaking them down into six for each post lovelies. Starting with this lovely lot…

Whisky Galore: Closing the event on the 26th June, the film is an adaptation of the best-selling book and is not one to be missed lovelies. Catch it at the Features Theatre at 5:15pm.

The First Monday In May: In my heart I have a special place for fashion. So when I saw this documentary looking at the way in which the annual Met Gala is placed together my heart instantly missed a beat. It will be showing at the festival on the 17th June in Cineworld’s at 8:35pm.

Mr Right: Sam Rockwell is a legend in cult classics, so I know that he is going to bring his amazing talents to this film as well. Showing on the 23rd June, the film will be played into Cineworld at 8:50pm.

Sticky Notes: With a fun cast and even funnier story, the film is set to take the indie world by storm and will probably be the talk of the independent film scene for a long while after it shows at the festival on the 18th June at Cineworld from 6:10pm.

Kids in Love: Cara Delevingne and Will Poulter star in this film about first love, mistakes and a whole lot of mischief lovelies. It has a Submarine feel to it that hopefully plays out throughout the film. See it on the 22nd June from 6:10pm at Cineworld.

Mr Pig: A film about the impact one pig has on a mans life. Completely different to anything else at the event, the film is an adult version of Babe. Or at least it seems that way. From 6:05pm on the 17th June, you can catch this at the Cineworld theatre.

Those are my first six picks lovelies! Look out for my next post on the event very soon!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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