Good Afternoon Lovelies,

After a lovely weekend away I was greeted on my first day of being home with a load of washing. So I found it very funny that upon being about to tackle the washing machine a parcel arrived which included the brand new Persil Mono Capsules. Perfect timing aha! 

Instead of being in the normal boxes they now come in a great pouch that allows for more to be in the packaging, as there is two extra caps in the bag compared to the old boxes. However they haven’t lost the great smell. 

For someone like me who is a bit of a heavy handed person these pods made it a lot easier to avoid having a huge bubble bath marathon in the kitchen. Because I will admit I am rubbish at getting an estimated amount of liquid aha! 

Built to allow for more fun to happen for your young ones, the new caps are great at getting rid of stains and leaving clothes feeling very fresh. I fully support the work Persil are doing at the moment to get kids out and about and I think this new invention will surely help because you can easily place a capsule in the machine and then it is all done. 

Speaking about the product, Clare Logan, Brand Manager for Persil, says: “We’re really excited to offer consumers even better value through the addition of two extra Persil Mono Capsules in our new pouches, compared to the previous packs. We believe that dirt is good – so we’re thrilled to be able to give households up and down the country more opportunities to enjoy messy play through the extra capsules – knowing that wherever the dirt comes from, Persil is on hand with its powerful stain removal to take care of it.” 

I am seriously impressed by these lovelies and I am going to be storing them up because I plan to have a lot of fun this summer, including more washing of clothes that have been sat in suitcases aha! I won’t be so unhappy when I come back from my trip to find it with these as well aha! 

The items are out now lovelies so stock up before going on holidays, outdoor cinema screenings or out and about lovelies. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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