Good Morning Lovelies,

After watching the first season and really enjoying the different takes on the characters in that, I was looking forward to falling into season two of In The Club. However I have to admit that a little bit of the magic of the first season was no longer there.

Picking up almost where the first season left off, the show continues to follow the women in the season as they continue to look after their children together. However the problems that started in the first season are a lot more dramatic and harder to follow.

While the women in the show are brilliant at portraying everything that you would expect from them, it is hard to follow them as much when the characters that affected them in the first season are missing or not in it as much.

The figures should have all been in the show and it would have been a lot better and easier to follow again. The show needs everything and everyone from the first season to survive.

And there so I am giving it…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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