Good Morning Lovelies, 

I am writing this from Blackpool! Oh yes that is where I am lovelies! Hopefully the sun will shine this weekend and I will finally get some rays! I will be back home on Monday but don't worry I will let you all in on everything I do daily! 

Starting with the beginning of the holiday lovelies, when I was asked to attend a fun event for Cadbury's! To celebrate their legendary bars of chocolate, the company announced that they would be hosting a special experience of Southbank and I was one of the first people to try it. 

Upon entering the experience I was faced with choosing between the Twist room or Double Decker one lovelies. I decided to try them both, because I am cheeky like that aha. I first went into the Twist room where I twisted through to sponge platforms before falling into a multi-coloured ball pit. While in the Double Decker room I was greeted by giant bowling pins that I had to smash into to work my way around the room. 

From here I was moved into the Boost room where I raced on space hoppers before becoming an even bigger big kid by going down the helter skelter slide. I don't think a helter skelter is a good one unless you come out with some kind of friction burn and that is what happened this time aha. 

After this experience I was guided into some small golden doors where the party was really happening. The room was completely painted gold to match the Crunchie bar and inside of it there was a dj who was getting the party started. Especially when the event will be open on a Friday lovelies. 

Finally I was invited into the Wispa room with bubbles flowing as you entered. In the room I was greeted by my favourite sight. The Cadbury's bear was in the room and he gave me a high five for the two shots I made in the game. Winner!

If you have a chance today lovelies go down to the Southbank and find the event lovelies. It is free to go in and there is chocolate at every corner. Go on, you know you want to!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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