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A few weeks ago lovelies I was told about the Metrodome film Evolution. I was quick to ask if I could review the film and kindly the team allowed me to be given the chance to do so.

Following a young boy called Nicolas, the film sees him and his mother living on an island for young women and their children. While they live on the island they are being watched by the young boys who visit a hospital overlooking them where they have gone to receive a strange medical treatment that the mums lie to their children about.

Nicolas is a smart figure who works out that something isn’t quite right with the island he lives on or his mother’s behaviour and there so he goes on an adventure to find out what they all do at night. Leading to a nightmarish set of consequences for not only the young boy but the people he is friends with as he finds out what is happening in the hospital.

The film cleverly mixes suspense and terror together to make a film of intriguing viewing that makes you want to watch on until the end. You need to find out what is happening and you need to know if they young boys are able to save themselves and those in the hospital.

While mother figures are normally portrayed in a positive viewpoint, the film cpatures them and creates them to appear villainous and the way in which the actors portray this is key to the film and the great way it is explored.

There so I am giving it…

4 Stars

Joey X

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