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After missing the film at the LFF last year, I finally got the chance to sit down and enjoy the film, 'Youth', over the weekend and I found myself falling in love with the classic performances from Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel that will bring a new life to the film industry.

Following two best friends, Fred and Mick, the film sees them as they decide to go on a break as they come up to their eightieth birthdays. While on the trip they find themselves inspired to return to work, however they are faced with the surreal dreams that real life has for them leading them to love and loss.

The story is a beautiful piece and reflection of the impact of forgetting how hard everyone has worked and the way they have impacted people’s lives with even small acts. With stars such as Caine and Keitel leading the way, the film has a stunning plot that will share so much with audiences during its run time.

With new dreams as they reach a new age to surreal dreams, that are actually true, the plot doesn't lose its power and right up until the end you are caught up in the story that these two men have with each other and the new stories they are building in their lives.

There are a number of faces within the film that you will not be expecting including Paloma Faith, but they are a welcome addition to the surreal elements of the film. The dream like sequences that are actually happening for the characters who believe that they have too much time to day dream and face unreal elements of life.

Ultimately though the film shows the core emotional moments of aging that many people face and the reflections of love and loss that they have experienced. The relationship between the two men is heart-warming for old friends one moment and then utterly heart-breaking at other times and this is because of the superb performances from Keitel and Caine, who are both able to give audiences inside looks into the lives of the characters in such a way that they seem real.

And with the beautiful location shots from Italy, the film manages to place the heart and beauty of the film in a place that also seems like a dream that the two men are having. The calmness and steady flow of the world they are in makes audiences want to take a moment and breathe in the world. Finally take in their beauty and the successes that they have done in their lives.

Because if there is anything and any reason that you should watch this film it is the way it makes audiences look back at their youth, even if they are young, and see that they have done so much in a short matter of time and their work and influences have made a real impact.

So I am giving the film a youthful...

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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