Good Morning Lovelies, 

Before I love you and leave you I wanted to share with you all this amazing thing that happened to me yesterday. And it was so special to me!

I am not going to lie to you all I have had a pretty tough week, so when I got home yesterday and this happened I was so happy again. After about five minutes of entering my house someone knocked on the door. Upon opening it I was greeted by a lovely man who handed me a basket of goodies. 

Inside the basket was a cherry scented and taste heaven lovelies. In fact as I write this I am basking in a cherry pool that is incredible! The reason for all this I hear you ask, was to celebrate the new Oykos, Whip 'N' Mix yogurts, which are cherry flavoured. 

The basket contained a Yankee Candle Black Cherry scented jar, The White Company slippers, L'Occitane cherry blossom hand cream, The Body Shop cherry blossom fragrance, Sanctuary body butter and saving the best until last the yogurts. 

I couldn't stop smiling when all this arrived and I was quick to test out the new yogurts. In a pack of four you get quite a lot for your money. It is the similar shape and design of a Muller yogurt but it has a completely different texture. 

The Greek yogurt is more like a mousse, a great one at that. And the cherries feel real. A weird thing for me to say I know, but sometimes I find the fruit or items like this can taste a bit fake. But these honestly don't. 

They are very light and they really mange to satisfy the sweet cravings. My mum was also quick to tuck into one after dinner and she said as someone who isn't a big cherry person that when mixed with the yogurt she really enjoyed them. 

I will be honest and say it would have been nice to have had a bigger pot, but then that is probably just me being greedy aha! What can I say I am a foodie! 

The yogurts are out now lovelies, so have a look out for them and let me know what you think about them on the blog or on the blog's social media pages. Thank you so much to everyone at Oykos for allowing me to experience the yogurts and gorgeous items. I am off to lie in a cherry heaven before university aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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