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In less than two months’ time I will hopefully be going into a job to do with journalism and while it is a job that gets a lot of bad news, ironically, it is a resource that I will be proud to be a part of because it can crack into the truth and bring to life some of the most important matters of our and our future generations lifetimes. 

And that is exactly what the film ‘Spotlight’ does. Telling a true story about a team of journalists who lifted the lid on the Catholic child abuse case, the film takes audiences right back to the start of the investigation, the problems and how they uncovered the truth on the most terrible case for a religious group in recent times. 

Director Tom McCarthy has made sure that his cast and crew were given a tight and understandable script that will lead audiences through every element of the investigation and will make them want to watch until the end because even though they may know the outcome the story of how it happened is a tense viewing. 

Plus with a cast as good as the one in the film, including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams who makes her own voice in the film and breaks away from the others with her search and investigations that lead her to knocking on victims doors, and more the film has called on the most respectable figures in the industry to provide a voice for some of the most respectable journalists in the industry. 

There is going to be a number of elements that audiences may not have known within the script and that adds to even more interest. It seems within the feature that everything the journalists could not include in their story or investigation is now finally being allowed to be told and in a lot more detail than it may have seemed on paper, as the film shows the hardship the team in Boston undertook to tell it. 

As a viewer the film is definitely for an adult audience as it can be tough viewing at times and hard to understand if those watching don’t understand all the things that they are talking about. If audiences do know the investigation then it is easier to understand, which does lead to a bit of a downfall for viewers who don’t. But overall the film is definitely a learning experience for all of those watching.

And because of this I am giving the film a giant spotlight with this…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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