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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to review season three of ‘Orange is the New Black’ and of course I jumped at the chance. I wanted to finally sit down and finish the series before the new one and as soon as the discs I arrived I did. 

Following on from the previous season, the inmates of Litchfield are continuing to fight their way through their prison sentences with dodgy business deals, sad personal journeys and tragic prison movements that sees some of the best characters disappear. And all of it happens in the thirteen episodes that this season is based on. 

This season in fact feels more placed together and form fitting than others. The new regime in which has been put in place together for the prisoners not only works for them but it works for the show, especially in the later episodes. There is more of a structure and a form to knowing about the characters. 

Schilling is back in all of her Piper form, but unlike the other seasons she isn’t the main character. The women who haven’t been explored much before are and it is a welcome change, especially when looking into the character of Doggett, whose back story is hard hitting for audience members. As well as the return of the feisty and fun Red, who will always be the queen of Litchfield and the prisons kitchen. 

The season also provides an inside look into the madness of the lives of the people who keep the prison running, or in many cases just go to work and try to control them the best they can. As a viewer this is nice because while you can watch it and find their attitudes grating, when you find out why they are like the way they are you have a more open minded view of them that the other series have lacked. 

While the season starts in a bit of boring way, as the season fails to pick up on the action that it had in the last episode, by the end of the thirteenth episode it is back on form and ready to rock and roll. The characters have prepared us for the ultimate season four and they are definitely going to be starting on a high when they return if it picks up right where it left off with the Piper and Stella issues. 

It has been set up nicely and the writing talents should be awarded if they make pieces and scripts like they have in this season, as they truly stand out. 

And there so I am giving the show this huge…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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