Good Morning Lovelies, 

While I write this I am currently on my train to university. By the time you get it I will be at university waiting for my lesson to start aha! 

A few days ago I noticed that I hadn't done my April favourites and I didn't want to let you all down. April was a month of highs and lows lovelies. With only two weeks left of university I have been trying to find a job, applying and attending interviews and so far not much has happened. So I wanted to do this post mostly to forget about that and think of the good things that happened in April. 

Ireland: Finally I booked a holiday for my 21st birthday and I will be going to Ireland. I am obsessed with the Irish and I can't wait to spend a whole week with them! 

Bring it on Ireland!

iPhone 6S: After two years I finally managed to upgrade my phone. There were a lot of problems with getting it but now I have it I can't let it go. This is why social media and catching up with you all is so much better now aha. 

My new blogging friend.

One Tree Hill: A few weeks ago I was on the app Shpock and whilst on there I saw the complete OTH box set. I spent a while discussing the item with the seller and managed to get it for £10. All nine seasons! Bargain! 

Goodbye world! Hello One Tree Hill!

Summer Clothes: In England we have been having some great sunny weather. Long gone are the cold days and now is the beer garden, hats, sun cream filled delights I love so much. These days led me to H&M and Nike to pick up some summer essentials. 

Posing in the mirror. What do we think?

Love May Fail: I am a huge fan of Matthew Quick and have read all his book. His latest edition is a great read that I found myself falling in love with. Chuck Bass is a stand out character in it and not only because he shares a name with Mr Dreamy for Gossip Girl. 

My love for this book doesn't fail.

Creed: Because of university deadlines I haven't been able to go and watch a film at the cinema in a long time. This will be changing very soon though and I can't wait. Thanks to a lovely company however they sent me this film, which I have been meaning to watch for a long time and I loved it. More news on this soon. 

Come on Rocky!

Plans: Planning for the future is a very scary thing to do. I find myself sat worrying about it. But the other day I got asked about doing a special project that I will hopefully be sharing with you all very soon. 

Work, work, work and work.

Friends: During the past year I have had a few issues with my health. I am not afraid to speak about them and recently when I have had to my friends have been there for me. It is as if they know when I need them that they always reach out. I spent April catching up with my nearest and dearest and some old friends too. Sometimes we have to remember to live a little in a world full of work. 

In the words of Mean Girls: the greatest people you will ever meet.
And there we have it lovelies, those were my April favourites? What did you all enjoy during the month? 

Joey X

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