Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

This weekend I have realised some very scary things. I am finishing university this week and the madness is about to begin. I can’t get over the fact that this week marks the end of three years of my life. So I needed something to celebrate. And Cadbury’s provided just what I needed!

With the company having just launched their Big Taste bars, including the flavours Triple Chocolate, Toffee Nut and Oreo, they very kindly sent me the Oreo and Toffee ones to try. And with a family as big as mine I needed the big bars. 

My niece and nephew were soon quick to tuck into the Oreo bar while me and my mum got into the toffee one. I was shocked by the size of the bars to be honest. Really shocked. They were huge. I mean really huge and worth the £3 that a bar costs you. Inside them they are filled to the brim with filling and whatever flavour you pick is like this. 

The toffee one drips that gooey caramel like centre and the Oreo one easily crumbles in your hands. It is a beautiful sight I will admit lovelies. When chocolate is this good you just have to keep it to yourself aha. So I was quick to hide it from my brother before he came home from work. 

Going into the big, huge, gigantic world of work needed to be treated to a big bar of chocolate like this and I am so thankful to the Cadbury’s team for allowing me the chance to have these treats. On Friday you can find me in a chocolate heaven somewhere in my house aha! 

Let me know what you think of the bars lovelies when you have one! 

Or if you get on one of the Monster Trucks that are going around the country celebrating the new release lovelies. They are absolutely huge! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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