Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Over the past few days I have been a little bit all over the place lovelies. My time at university has come to the end and I am a little bit lost to be honest. So it was lovely for a company to send me a few products to test out and write about this weekend. 

A while ago I was approached by Walkers to try their new crisps Bugles, which come in three flavours including Cheese, Southern Style BBQ and Sour Cream and Black Pepper that are perfectly matched to the corn which makes the crisps. 

Priced at £1.50 for a six pack, 57p for a 30g single pack or £1.99 for a single 110g pack, I will be honest and say I wanted to be seriously impressed by them because of the price. Luckily I was. 

Shaped in a cone style, the Bugles fit on each finger making fun kind of nails lovelies. I admit that the shape reminded me of a kind of crisp that I had in the airport on my way home from Tenerife a few years ago and so I knew how fun they could be (if you know the name of them let me know aha).  This is why I got my mum to taste and have fun with the item. 

Opening each bag separate I handed her each one, which she automatically placed on her fingers – a bit like a Hula Hoop – before trying each one. Her favourite being the Sour Cream and Black Pepper flavour which she automatically wanted to find a dip for and delve right into the rest of them. 

Out of all three flavours her least enjoyable one was Cheese, but only because it wasn’t as powerful as the other two. She did state though, “I could all of these.” And this was a big pack. 

I can definitely see these becoming a permanent fixture in our house and definitely at parties we host. I can imagine my niece and nephews sitting down around our garden table with Bugle shaped fingers this summer. 

Or well maybe my mum and brothers the way it is going! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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