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I am back at last! Yesterday I got lost in the world of dissertations and assessments. But hopefully I can make it up with you all by sharing a very exciting interview I did with the one of the creators of ‘Streetdance Family’ lovelies.

Introducing the brilliant Adam Tysoe...

How did you get involved with the film? And what was it that made you want to make it?
Our son, Ethan, joined Entity as a dancer and when we met the team and their families we just knew that they would be going on an amazing journey. They are such a great group of people; really genuine and open which makes for a fantastic film.

Why do you think Streetdance has been so successful with its audience so far?
Streetdance is fun and exciting. It brings people together and allows them to express themselves in a fun and safe environment with great music. And the best thing of all is that anyone can give it a go.

What was your favourite moment to film or to be on set? And why was this moment so special?
The tension when we were filming was incredible, sometimes almost too much to bear. It’s hard to pick a favourite moment because there so many. But I think some of our best times were spent with the team and their families, as we prepared for the competitions. Because despite the hard work and dedication needed, it is lots of fun.

When you make a film with so much dancing, what do you have to think about the most?
Keeping up with the action is always the biggest challenge because everything moves so fast. We wanted to capture the way in which the dancers in the team expressed themselves which meant we had to film up close and personal, so we could capture their expressions as they performed.

Did you learn any new moves while making the film?
 We’re still working on those!!

How did you get those in the film involved? And what was it about them that stood out to you?
When we first spoke to Tashan, the team’s trainer and choreographer, he was really excited then we spoke to the team and their parents, they were all really interested in the film we wanted to make. The main thing that drew us in was their passion and dedication. All of the team work so hard, they really care. And they work as a unit, with the parents getting involved to make sure that they can all be as good as they can be.

What would you like audiences to take away from the film?
 Don’t give up on your dreams, even when you feel that everything is lost and that the world is against you, keep on working because something good will come out of it.

 Finally, can you tell us anything about your next project?
 We have another dance film called ‘Freestyle Friday’ in development - we are also hoping to make another documentary following more streetdance teams.

Tickets are available for STREETDANCE FAMILY only in selected cinemas from 27 May. You must book in advance to secure your screening. To find your local screening visit www.streetdancefamilymovie.com.

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Joey X

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