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Today is an exciting and scary day for me lovelies, but before I leave and go into the unknown I wanted to share with you the first of two interviews I have today with the stars of ‘Hinterland’. The second season of the show was released on DVD and Blu-Ray this week lovelies and it is the perfect way to celebrate I think. 

Let’s start with my interview with Mali Harries, who plays Mared in the show lovelies…

How did you get involved in the show?
I got involved with Hinterland at its embryonic stage, when I was approached by Ed Thomas in a car park after wrapping on another Fiction Factory production called, Pen Talar. At that point, it was just an idea of a detective series, and Ed mentioned that he thought I'd play a good detective. This was around 7 years ago.

What was it about it that hooked you in?
The first draft of episode one totally got my attention. It read more like a novel, with its long descriptive passages of atmosphere and landscape. The sparse dialogue, interesting characters and twisting plot lines kept my attention, and totally hooked me in. A massive part, was my connection to Fiction Factory. This was to be my third production for them, and the idea of working with Ed Thomas, and Ed Talfan again, with Marc Evans at the helm for episode 1, was exciting beyond words, for me.

Can you tell us about your character and what is happening in this season to them?
Mared has worked hard to get to where she is. It is a male dominated world, and having had her daughter Elin, young, and Mared's own mother having to help with childcare in a massive way, she has let work become the thing that she buries herself in, rather than the arms of her of daughter. Before the viewers join us in episode one, we decided that Mared had gone up for Mathias's job, and didn't get it. She had been working hard as a D.I and was desperate to move up the ladder, but DCI Mathias was appointed, and that was that. In this season (Season 2), she wasn't expecting Tom back, unsure if he was returning, and during this season their working relationship strengthens, as they both grow to understand each other better. Nobody is perfect, certainly not Mared, but she tries her best to be as moral and hard working as possible.

How has your character changed since the first season?
Mared is basically the same person as series one, although shaped by her experiences of her work, and lonely private life. She is alone, trying to deal with her only daughter thinking of leaving for University, after too long, too far apart. She is stronger as a part of a team, rather than on her own, but maybe if either work challenges enabled her to get a promotion, or her private life is suddenly ignited, she could grow and evolve a bit as a person. She works in a totally different way to Mathias. Always a notepad and pen at hand, paperwork all on order. Mind always seeking the truth, but she could possibly benefit from being impulsive, and being put in uncertain situations more, that may push her boundaries.

When you are working on your characters development, what do you find the most useful thing to do?
When I work on a character, I firstly devour the text. What clues are in there to what kind of a person she is? Then build her past. What kind of a family was she brought up in? Any siblings? Schooling? Hobbies? What or who, has been influenced her personality? I action all my lines to see how the text can guide me, into what my character wants from other people. And how she goes about her life. In real life, to prepare for Hinterland, we followed directives in Brecon, to see them at their work. And I still have their numbers on my phone, so if anything arises during filming, to do with police procedure, they are on speed dial with me. Getting our Hinterland world as close to the real world is important to me. People who work in the police, forensics will hopefully watch it, and feel that it is familiar and correct.

Would you like to return for another season? If so how would you like your character to be explored more? 
I would definitely return for another series. The whole of the cast and crew are like a family. We are all away from our loved ones for 9-10 months of the year, and we have created a real, caring and loving community up in Aber. I will miss everyone, and all the views, locations, cafes, restaurants, people, wildlife, calmness and tranquillity. I would love it if Mared had more to do, was put in situations of real decision making, and possible danger. If she was nudged awake a bit in her personal life a bit, that would be great. I joke that Mared's live life has been left in the deep freeze, if that could thaw or shatter a little that would be very interesting to play.

What do you think it is about the show that has made it such a success with audiences? 
I think that the success of the show is down to the production values. The truth and honesty of the characters, and their quest to be as functional as possible, even if they are fraying at the seams. Another contributing factor, certainly is the wonderful landscapes of Ceredigion. The sand dunes, beaches, mountains, forests, valleys, open land, the rolling openness of the plains, all help us create a world of isolation, and rugged beauty, that viewers across the world may be drawn to. Having the Welsh language in that world, also creates maybe a different energy that may intrigue viewers, and tempt them in for something different.

Finally can you tell us about any future projects you are working on at the moment?
At the moment, every waking hour is taken up by Hinterland, so as regards to any future projects, they are in the minds of writers, directors, and producers. I have recently changed my agents, and am really looking forward to going up for new and exciting projects. Although having a bit of time, to do school pick up and drop off, kids to swimming, tennis, netball, drums, piano, harp, to name a few; will be work enough for me.

HINTERLAND Series 2 has been released on DVD & Blu-Ray since Monday lovelies by Nordic Noir & Beyond, so you can buy it now!

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