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Growing up I was surrounded by my brothers who were all huge fans of Rocky. If you haven’t seen it and you come to our house then you will leave having watched it. My brother John was the first person to ever show me it and still to this day I have known him to be late to an event, going home or general life activities because of the film being on. 

So when I was asked if I would like to review ‘Creed’, the latest film in the franchise, I had to say yes. I owed it to them. But also to my film loving self who has become quite a fan to. 

Set years after the last Rocky adventure, the film sees Apollo’s son Donnie take to the ring. Wanting to grow and up and build his own boxing legacy the film sees him take on some of the hardest opponents the boxing world has to make his name live on. 

While Donnie’s story is of course the main plot line, it is Rocky’s that takes over. And all thanks to the great Sylvester Stallone. Probably his strongest film and Rocky portrayal ever (yes I said it!) the film sees him take on a story that will make every Rocky fans hearts pull and tense. His on screen portrayal of the iconic character has not got weak. In any way. In fact he could still take on the big screen box office numbers in a fight. 

And now so could the newest contender, Michael B Jordan. When placed up against the biggest boxing character, the star proves he has just as much acting talent. He has so much skill that he makes the film his own even against the story Rocky has in it. 

While the build up to knowing what his character does and why he is fighting for what he is starts a little weak, Jordan makes the film an enjoyment once we know what his character is all about. He takes on Stallone’s talents and uses them. And together they are an on screen force that is in no way going to be knocked out. 

An actor though that will be remembered from the film is Tessa Thompson. Having appeared in other films before, this is the one that is going to make her the talk of the town and the one that makes people want to hire her. She is a skilful and great actress in ‘Creed’ and she is going to make everyone who watches it appreciate her talents. And rightfully so. 

Overall the film is going to bring back to life the old feelings fans of the originals have been missing. When first placed out their into the film world as an idea many were quick to judge it. But now people are going to be shown that Rocky can never be beaten. He is a character that will never be knocked down. Even in this film when he is faced with a life changing illness. While he hasn’t got the people around him anymore that were in the original, he has got a new team and with Thompson and Jordan next to him he is going to be great for a long time. 

There so I am knocking this film out of the ring with this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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