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With a great amount of films now making up this franchise from Lionsgate, the latest adventure from Alpha and Omega features some dinosaurs of epic proportions. As someone who has a nice who is obsessed with dinosaurs, I sat down with her to see what she thought of it and what I thought as an adult.

While the films haven’t got as powerful as other child friendly franchises, this new addition is sure to be the biggest of the lot, because of how sweet it is. Having seen the others in the franchise, this one is onto a winner because it finally takes on board what all the others were missing.

Taking the two main animated characters on their fifth journey, the film sees them taking on a new friend in the form of a dinosaur who is hoping to find out all about the world in which she lives on. Amy joins Alpha and Omega on their epic journey that is an education programme for children – without them even knowing.

It is a perfect and sweet viewing for all ages. I can only imagine the amount of times that my niece is going to watch it. And for that I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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