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The film, 'A War', is the brand new feature piece from director Tobias Lindholm, who manages to hook audiences in with his gripping story of war and the threates that are placed on both those facing the front line and those at home.

Telling the story of Claus, a commander, the film shows him as he leads his soldiers and team during the war and the family, including his wife and children that he has left at home, who are faced with long hours of missing him, as he fights for their freedom.

The film shows the two sides of how a family experiences someone within their unit at war and the terrors they both face. The decisions that are made make such an impact on how the characters react and the way in which they are explored on screen that it makes it more intense for those who are watching it. There is a lot of suspense and you never know what is going to happen, right up until the end of the film.

Lindholm has added another great film to his collection and will be sure to win a lot of support from audiences for his version of an act that is horrible, with the truthful way that he is able to give audiences a look inside the family members and the soldiers who are faced with struggles.

There so I am giving it...

4 Stars

Joey X

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