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With a big star like Tim Roth playing the lead figure, Soda Picture’s new film ‘600 Miles’ is a great and intense thrilling film, but it lacks in certain areas that could have easily been fixed.

Following Roth’s federal agent character Hank Harris, the film shows him taking on a young man who is hoping to join him on the run. Together the pair makes a number of mistakes that make them worried for their fate and future.

Roth is on top form in the film, but it doesn’t help his co-star Kristyan Ferrer who tries to match up to Roth’s talents but sadly fails. If he wants to match him he should have left Roth to teach him what to do.

Although this could have been because of story plotlines that were not complete or didn’t feel complete at least. The two men would have made a great story and acting duo if they had followed these rules.

And that is why I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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