Hey Lovelies, 

As someone who enjoys watching classics, especially around the holidays, I found myself sitting down with my family and watching the classic film, ‘The Sound Barrier’, during the Easter holidays which is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray today. 

Originally released in 1952, the film follows John Ridgefield, as he tries to break the sound barrier with the help of a young pilot who is worried about the consequences the action could cause for him and his family. 

Throughout there is an element of melodrama, but it is an intriguing element because it is not off putting as a viewer but more interesting because it makes you want to see if the errors and problems that continuously get mentioned happen and what will happen to the characters if they do happen. 

There are a lot of great effect elements within the film as well, as the film challenges what they may not have had in those days to make the sound barrier effects and on screen action that could have been affected if they did not test it in the way that they do. 

Overall this means I am giving this film a sound breaking rating of…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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