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I hope you are all well today? It is Friday and I am starting the weekend big lovelies with an interview with the star of ‘Follow The Money’, Natalie Madueño. I was one of the lucky few who was able to interview the star and I hope that you all enjoy taking this look inside the star and the new season. 

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Firstly what was it about the show that attracted you to the role? And what has it been like?
First of all I thought that the subject greed is extremely interesting. The series shows different types of human greed throughout the different characters; greed for power, love, justice, money etc. And also, the thought of greed and corruption within a clean and likable company like Energreen that focuses on a sustainable and better future for our world, was interesting. The "good ones" suddenly aren’t the angels that you thought. Corporate greed and corruption.

There is also a theme of deceit and self-deceit. Claudia often finds herself between being deceived and self-deceit. The self-deceit represented in choosing not see the whole truth about Sander, because she is very fond of him and wants to believe a man who is perceived a guru in his field.

Claudia is a very intriguing character. She can be just as warm and caring as she can be cynical and cold. The diversity in her is extremely interesting to work with. And in some ways she represents the viewers’ eyes that gazes into a world that is as new to her as it is to the viewer. In that way, both the viewer and Claudia are confronted with the dilemma about choosing between right and wrong. Is it ok to lie and deliberately turn away from the truth, if it can rescue yourself and the ones you love? That is exiting to work with.

We started shooting before I had even finished drama school, so I felt quite new when we began shooting. But Per Fly, the other directors and everyone else, both in front and behind the camera, where so talented and experienced and they quickly made me feel comfortable, and before I know it, I felt comfortable and could focus completely on my work.

The show has only just begun in the UK, but is already a huge success, what can fans look forward to from your character, Claudia, in the next few episodes? (Episodes 3 & 4 have just aired in the UK).
Claudia is continuingly confronted with her own sense of moral and ethics, and as the series goes on she is forced to make radical decisions. But I don’t want to reveal too much here towards the end.

There a lot of issues within the show that reflect modern day life, how did you find recreating them and what has the reaction been like from fans about it?  
Claudia is a young mother trying to create a stable and good life for herself and her son. And at the same time she is extremely passionate about her work and really good at it. The combination of those two isn't a problem for her, of course she can manage both. It isn't an issue. It becomes that later on, but in the beginning it isn't an obstacle as it isn't for many people in our days, where having a career is important and a thing you desire even when you have children. For some it is just as important to have both, having children and a job is a part of our identity. We want the best of both worlds, the questions is if it is possible to have that.

The fact that the series switches between three very different layers of society. It’s very Per Fly-ish to do that and I love it and the way the stories intertwine. Making a story about economical corruption interesting can be hard. But I think Per, Jeppe and the other writers solved that in a very sophisticated way. I think the series is very relevant to the way we live our lives these days. Everything that happens on top of a society finds its way down to the bottom in some way, and it inevitably effects a lot of people.

If the show was to be renewed for another series where would you like to see your character or what would you like to see her doing?
I don’t think I am able to answer that without revealing too much about where she's going and what she's going to do in this season. But Claudia is a character that can do anything she sets her mind to and she isn't afraid to confront the unknown, so I could see her do many things. 

The show originally screened at the Berlin Film Festival, what was that like for you?
An experience that I won’t forget. It was a great honour and it made me and the whole team feel very proud that they thought the series deserved to be shown to the world at the festival. I think I held my breath throughout the whole screening of the first two episodes, I was really nervous about how people would react to it. But fortunately they liked it, which was very relieving.

Finally what are you up to next and is there anything you can tell us about it?
I'm shooting the next season of the series right now. It premieres in Denmark in the fall, where I also have another movie coming out. And I am shooting a motion picture later this year. But I unfortunately can't tell you about that yet.

Catch ‘Follow The Money’ on DVD as of now lovelies! 

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