Hey Lovelies, 

As a huge horror film fan, I was intrigued to watch the remake of the classic film, ‘Martyrs’, which features some of the most gruesome horror scenes of all time and some of the most classic horror moments of all time. 

Following a young girl and her friends as they are held prisoner in a warehouse, the film sees them grow up with the horrors that plagues her as she moves away into an orphanage and as an adult when she moves away from it. 

The film captures all of the hard hitting elements in which the first film did, but makes them ten times more gruesome by using modern technology and horror skills to make certain scenes stand out more in the limelight. 

There is a lot of elements that could have been removed however, as the horror genre does get explored a lot in this film and it does feel like they are pulling too much on making the audience feel a certain way when if they had made it more individual and even a little different to the original it would have stood out a lot more. 

There so I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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