Good Evening Lovelies, 

How are all of you lovelies tonight? I don’t normally blog on Sunday’s as I like to find fun things to do on the weekends that I share with you lovelies throughout the week, but I am here now to share with you all the aftermath of a challenge I was asked to do. 

As a proud fan of the royal family I was very happy last Thursday when the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday and I think I may have made this very clear aha! Because a few hours into the day I was asked if I would like to take part in a challenge set by the company Stork to try. 

The task? To build a corgi shaped cake. A cute cake that I of course accepted. However, upon going to buy the ingredients I found my local shop didn’t stock some of the items. So I got inventive. While the cake was meant to look like this…

Image Credit: Stork
It ended up like this…

I used my skills and followed the recipe right up until I could no more. And then I got inventive. I left the frosting cream (I am so annoyed there was no brown colour!), and found items in store that would be fit for a Queen. There so I chose letters, because she writes to a lot of people and signs a lot of important documents, pearls because she wears so beautiful pieces of jewellery, stars because she is one, marshmallows as she is super sweet and then vanilla sugar to top it all off. 

It was my own birthday treat, mixed in with Stork’s great recipe, that went down a treat as my family and me watched the BBC One documentary this afternoon on the Queen, which was super cute lovelies. However, if you decide to make the cake yourselves, you may enjoy also listening to the new audiobook on Audible called ‘Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch’ lovelies. 

To find the recipe click here: http://www.bakewithstork.com/recipes/corgi-cake/ and enjoy! In fact it would be perfect to eat in front of a screening of ‘The Queen’! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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