Good Evening Lovelies, 

How on earth is it already April? I feel like this year is going so quickly, although I am ready to enjoy summer and all of the summer events that I hope to share with all of you lovelies, including a holiday, concert and so much more. 

But before we start preparing for the hot months to come, I wanted to share with you all my favourite things from the month of March, which was a pretty good month for me lovelies, as I got a lot of good news which I am hoping now continues. 

Here are my favourite things in March...

Marshmallow Bubble Bath: Starting with a random one but I am obsessed with this. It is sweets in the form of a luxurious bubble bath! Imperial Leather have made a genius product with this. I want the whole range now. 

Easter Chocolate: While I must admit that I don’t eat a lot of chocolate because I am a weirdo, I do love Easter and all the chocolate around because it makes me really happy for some strange reason. I like to take it all and bake tasty treats, like this chocolate wreath I made for the big day. 

Notting Hill: Okay be prepared to be shocked but until a week ago I hadn’t seen ‘Notting Hill’, as it was one of those films that I always talked about seeing but never did. However I can now safely say it is one of my faves and I am obsessed with it. 

My New H&M Carbs Top: If you know me then you will know that I am a health freak, but a health freak who loves their carbs. I honestly couldn’t get through a day without them and I will never not eat them because they are really good for you. So I had to pick up this top which I am in fact wearing as I write this. 

Batman V Superman: Okay so you may all be wondering how this made the list after my review, but I have to admit it made the list because for me this is the first big film that I have witnessed such a mass debate over. I have seen big debates before but nothing to this scale and I have found it really interesting as a film fan. 

Cosmopolitan Magazine UK: I can’t talk a lot about what I did there lovelies, but a few weeks ago now I went and took part in something for them and I had such an amazing, short, but amazing time with them and they were all so lovely that I walked out feeling so happy and ready to work. 

Thirteen: I have been meaning to write about this show for a long time now, because I was obsessed and I mean obsessed with it. A few weeks ago I fell ill and spent a day in bed binge-watching all of this show. After that every Sunday at 12pm I would sit, not very patiently, waiting for the next episode to come online through BBC Three. Sadly it has ended now but it ended so well! 

What were your favourites in March lovelies? And what are you looking forward to in April? 

Joey X 

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