Hey Lovelies, 

A few days ago I was asked to review the film, ‘Fire City: End of Days’ and as always I said yes lovelies. What I uncovered was an interesting mix of action and acting that made it but most of all some stunning special effects. 

Following a demon and the antics he goes on throughout the city, the film shows different elements of his demonic ways, especially when he is tormenting the humans on earth and makes for an interesting watch. 

However what makes it so special is the special effects within the film that were produced and made in such a way that they took the film to a higher level and made the demonic elements seem even darker at times then the demon figure was already trying to convey. 

Without this I don’t think the film would have worked as well and as an audience I think that many of you will agree when you watch it lovelies. 

There so I am giving this film and city…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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