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A few weeks ago I was sent a huge selection of films to enjoy and seeing as I had a few days free over the Easter holidays I got stuck into them with my family. With six films in total coming out from Simply Media, there was a lot to watch and keep us entertained, starting with…

Black Horse Canyon Review:

Starring some huge names, the classic western based on the best-selling book manages to transport audiences to another time, while also placing a romance in it as well. With a conflicting pair on screen, the film features some great action sequences for its time, as well as some great characters, including the world famous horse. 

It is a story that western fans will watch and enjoy from the start, as it hooks audiences in with its interesting plot. 

Therefore I am giving it…

4 Stars

Calamity Jane & Sam Bass Review: 

The first thing that stands out in this film is the women in it. Considering the time in which the film was made, the women in it really stand up for what they believe in and make sure that their voices are being heard and understood. 

There is a continuous flow of power being given to them and they prove that they are able to do the work and make a great force together that doesn’t focus on the male figure throughout and more so on their careers. 

This has led me to given the film…

4 Stars

Cattle Drive Review: 

Starring Joel McCrea and Kurt Neumann, the film hosts some great western figures within it, but the plot doesn’t hold up in the way in which their other westerns did. While the landscape and the visions within the film are incredible, the plot gets lost in the coming of age portrayal it is meant to be given. 

When the film tries to make a hype or climax in certain moments it loses them because it has to go back to the coming of age element throughout. 

Therefore making it hard to watch causing me to give it…

2 Stars

Bad Sister Review: 

With the amazing Bette Davis in the lead role, the film gives audiences the chance to see where it all started as it is her first feature film and she proves from the moment she arrives that she has the talents and charism to play any character. 

Starring alongside Humphrey Bogart and Sidney Fox, Davis and co manage to give audiences an interesting look into the world of a con artist and the family who come along for the ride. 

It is funny to the point that it becomes clever therefore making for an enjoyable viewing for the audience watching it. 

Leading me to give it…

5 Stars

Bengal Brigade Review: 

Rock Hudson returns in this western to take on the lead role again, but this time he does it in a way that is not so enjoyable. While the film has a lot of action and amazing elements to it, including editing and landscape choices, the story is easy to get confused over and makes it hard to follow his character. 

As a soldier in the war, the drama in this film is not portrayed in the best way it should be as it becomes predictable, even for the time in which it is created and becomes an over the top piece. 

Therefore I am giving it…

2 Stars

Back to God’s Country Review: 

The final film I watched was this one and again Rock Hudson was in the lead role, but this time he managed to win me back over after the previous film he was in. 

Telling the real life story of James Oliver Curwood, the film allows audiences to meet a man who went above and beyond to write the stories and information that he thought was important for audiences to know and this makes Hudson’s performance a real stand out piece. 

With incredible sets, scripts and off the charts acting, this film is a stand out piece for its time and really makes for entertaining viewing. 

Which is why I am giving it…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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