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After the success of 'Inside Out' last year, Disney has worked its magic again to give adults and kids a great feel good film in 'Zootropolis'! 

With a huge adult theme within it that some children may not catch, the film follows a young rabbit as she goes after he dreams and the fox who joins her after the pair get off on the wrong paw to begin with. 

Their on screen antics add for comedic fun, but it is the rest of the characters that make this film stand out, especially with this year’s Bing Bong style character Clawhauser, who eats donuts, dances and has fun while manning the ZPD police desks. As well as the mafia style characters who add a lot of laughs to the script. 

While there aren't any moments within it that will have your heart pulling like the way 'Inside Out' did, there are many moments that will give you hope and joy, as the underlining message to not give up even when there are tough times or people trying to stop you is key to both adults and children watching. 

There are also a lot of moments that will have audience members recalling key elements of on and off screen references, especially that of the obvious Easter eggs in a DVD inspired scene and a Breaking Bad reference as they figure out their latest issue. 

It is a very clever script and animation in fact, as the filmmakers have provided something that will make all ages smile, especially with a series of sloths who will remind adults of a lot of people that they have dealt with before but absolutely love. In fact I would be happy enough to say they are the real winners in this film. 

There is a lot of topical elements to the script that reflect real world issues but in a more advance but interesting way that will have you thinking and trying to understand them, which when placed in front of a young audience may make them away of the problems in the world but not in a scary way. 

Because of this though there is a problem with getting the audience to react in the same way because it does become a comparison in trying to match things with the real world instead of seeing the fun side of things like you could with 'Inside Out'.

Overall the film is a clever and fun on screen adventure for all the family to enjoy and learn from. It comes at a time in which the world is changing and needs to have a film like this to explain it to the world. 

And there so I am declaring ‘Zootropolis’ this very worthy...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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