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There isn't many times when I go to the cinema where I actually sit and watch the clock to see how long I have left but sadly that was what I found myself doing with 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice'. 

Following on from the events seen in 'Man of Steel', the film begins with a very cheesy introduction to Ben Affleck's Batman's history and the events leading up to him wanting to gain revenge on Superman, AKA Clark Kent who is happily living with Lois Lane in New York. 

From the moment the film begins there is no clear plot however. The characters are put on a mad goose chase around the city and only a few actually help you understand because they are not part of it, for example Alfred. 

While Affleck has proved everyone wrong with his version of the dark knight, as he has managed to give audiences a new likeable hero who stands out on his own away from the previous adaptation. And with Henry Cavill back in business and playing Superman to a perfect t, the films plot is the only thing lacking. 

If there had been more Wonder Woman, who got a cheer from the audience upon her suited up arrival and rightfully so and more of Lex Luthor as well, who Jesse Einsenberg portrays fantastically, with his menacing form and crazy attitude then the film could have had a better storyline. One that audiences could have followed along with and understood. 

Snyder has made an epically large CGI filled film that includes everything, even the kitchen sink, but lacks the true depth that the comics and previous film had. Full of darkness and despair, the film tries to be a lot bigger than it should be and overall the key figures who could have shined throughout or had more power on screen get lost in the huge CGI budget. 

Honestly I wish the film had been a bit more toned down. It is of course meant to be an epic superhero adventure that prepares us for more future films but when it takes up until the last 45 minutes to really get going and give audiences a clear plot outline it becomes too much and the audience was a restless sight. 

There were no faults with the acting as mentioned before and I can't wait to see the characters again, but hopefully with a better plot, more structured stories and less of the cheese. 

There so I am fighting this film and giving it justice with this... 

2 Stars

The film has given us this tiny treat since I wrote this review lovelies...

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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