Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

I have been meaning to do this post for over a week now, but you know how it is life just seemed to get in the way and every time I sat down something seemed to happen with university, family members and personal matters. But finally I am here to tell you all the things that made up my February favourites. 

For me February was a great month and I saw myself building new ideas and creating new aspects of the blog that I hope to complete soon and share with all of you lovelies as soon as possible. For the rest of the year it is going to be all about the blog and us! Well when I get this dissertation out of the way aha! 

But let’s not think about that now lovelies and more about these amazing favourites that are very random, but I thought a bit more interesting lovelies then the normal things I talk about and also a bit more personal. 

Aldi Day and Night Face Cream: Okay so we are kicking off the randomness of this post early on aha, but I really adore this face cream at the moment, as it works like a charm on my sensitive face. Full of anti-aging products that I don’t need at 20 (Well I hope I don’t yet aha!), the product also has SPF qualities and great items that make your film super soft. 

Audible: Recently I have started to listen to audiobooks, as I like to have something to concentrate on when I am going to university or going to sleep, as I find it comforting to hear voices or a little bit of noise when I am but was sick of looking at a screen for too long as I would stay up later than expected. At the moment I am listening to Scarlett Johansson’s version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and will let you know what I think of it as soon as I finish it lovelies. 

The OSCARs: While it was a very controversial year lovelies, the ceremony was a hit, even if there were a few awkward moments that I am still not sure was really going on aha! But from Chris Rock’s opening speech, Lady GaGa’s performance which brought tears to my eyes to Leonardo DiCaprio’s award winning moment, the ceremony will be a historical one. 

The Night Manager: As spring reaches us I have been falling in love with the return of some great shows such as ‘Girls’ and some brand new ones in the form of ‘The Night Manager’ which has taken over my Sunday nights and not just because Tom Hiddleston gets topless in each episode aha! I find myself gripped throughout and obsessed with the ways that the show cleverly puts together the spy world. 

In The Night by The Weeknd: After seeing so many amazing performances from the star recently I am so thankful I got to see him perform last year lovelies, because it has made me appreciate his music even more, especially this new song that gets me up and dancing around my room all the time. 

Baking: Bit of a random one again lovelies, but in my house we have decided to call Saturday nights, baking time, because I have started to do a lot of baking recently always on a Saturday night. Recently my brother Giovanni and his girlfriend Alexa came to visit and me and Alexa spent the evening making Crème Egg brownies, baby biscuits and food for my nephew to enjoy. And over the past weekend I found myself back in the kitchen making my mum a coffee and Walnut cake for Mother’s Day, which has just happened in the UK. I find baking so calming and I am definitely going to be doing it a lot more. 

What were your favourite’s lovelies? I am looking forward to March as it is going well so far aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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