Good Morning Lovelies,

Long-time no speak! I am back though after a flu filled weekend that I can’t wait to get over to bring to you all this exciting new cinema treat that is going to mix up your cinema experience and provide you all with the ultimate Easter treat!

On Saturday I kindly received a purple package from my postman, which when I get these I automatically know where they are from and what its contents will include (don’t get rude now aha!). Inside Saturday’s one was two packages of a brand new product by the company, which sees them bring back their world famous white chocolate alongside their classic milk chocolate to provide a mix up package of buttons.

Shaped like the regular sized buttons, not the big ones lovelies, the packages looked a bit small, however when I opened one to taste them on my mum and to see what they looked like I found absolutely loads inside. Something I was very happy about lovelies, because I have kept the second packet away from my family to make some cute Easter treats lovelies that I will be sure to share with all of you.

Upon handing a few to my mum to taste however lovelies, she instantly told my that the milk chocolate ones were brilliant as always and the white chocolate ones were like having the Dream bar return just in a smaller form (do you remember that amazing chocolate lovelies? I loved it!).

Tucking into a handful,, the packet which was on my desk has now disappeared and my mum kindly told me that she did eat them all but not all at once. She took breaks throughout the day aha!

These treats I think would be perfect for a family to tuck into in the cinema, because they are small so if you are taking your kids or the younger members of your family to the cinema then you can watch how many they eat or you can get a good share out of the packet for all the members. And they are great if you go to the cinema with people who may not like milk chocolate and are looking to share something a little bit different lovelies.

Have a look out for them in supermarkets and shops very soon lovelies, if not already, because they are definitely the perfect way to mix up not only Easter but your chocolate dreams aha!

Can you imagine how good they would taste scattered on top of your hot chocolates lovelies?!? 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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