Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Okay so this is quite funny! I was about to work out and get fit and healthy, as the doctors say you must do blah blah blah and upon picking up my weights a very exciting parcel arrived to my door in the form of nine lovely Cadbury chocolate bars! 

Sent to me to try out their new musical dream, the bars were to be used to test a specifically created Spotify playlist that would have a song to match every bar on it. However because I know of this I didn't want to jinx the testing and there so got my mum to try it out instead. 

Playing each song at a different time I allowed her to pick the bar she felt would fit each song and for most of them she seemed to pick the ones that were created to match the song playing. Although her love for the crunchy bar was not charged or intensified by the music aha! 

Continuing through the playlist she found that the experience was interesting, as did I because it seemed as though as her mood changed because of the song, so did her choice in chocolate which was really interesting to see lovelies. 

And I am not just saying this lovelies because I would be completely honest with you. In fact I feel as though you should all try it because it will allow you all to see what I mean as it is really strange. 

The best way to do the test would be to get nine different bars, including caramel, Oreo, whole nut, fruit and nut and many more and try them out on someone else or to get someone else to test it on you lovelies, as it is really interesting to see how the music and chocolate change with your moods.

Let me know how you get on lovelies! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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