Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

And how are all of you today? I have been mega busy these past few days getting stuff finished for university but I am back now and ready to party, because it is Friday and I have been sent some super cool toys that are bringing out my inner child! 

About five minutes ago a huge parcel arrived and inside were three Hero Mashers but in the form of Jar Jar Binks, the Inquisitor and C-3P0 lovelies, all of which I had to make up. However the fun thing about these lovelies is that you can take bits and pieces off of each of them and mix them around. 

So you could have the arm of Jar Jar and then the leg of C-3P0! It is an interchangeable Star Wars world that is going to win me some huge and I mean huge brownie points when I give them to my nephew Jamie. 

At £15.99 each they can be a bit pricy lovelies, but they are good value when you think about the ways in which you don’t have to purchase any more of the little bits that go with them because they can all work together and change around, so you won’t need a load of them or packs of little pieces that can get easily lost because you will have the bits from the figures that you own. 

They are definitely items as well lovelies that older generations or children could keep as souvenirs because they really look like figures that should be kept in the box (I was naughty and wanted to have a play with them) and there so they look like cool figures boys and girls can have in their bedrooms or they could be really cool sat on a work desk or space, which is where mine are sitting until my nephew arrives and probably takes them off there aha! 

I am not sure if they are out yet lovelies, but I would definitely suggest having a look around for them to give as gifts or to buy for yourself and your children, because they are great fun and look really professional. 

Thank you to the company you sent the toys to me, they are brilliant and as someone who isn’t the biggest Star Wars fan I will admit that I am now growing into one the more I play with these toys aha! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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