Hey Lovelies, 

After the huge success of the film, 'Legend', the world has gone crazy about the Krays and with so much being released a new film called 'The Fall of the Krays' has been announced! 

Following the two brothers as they start their lives in prison, the film sees the pair witness the collapse of the London they once had control of and the people they once had working alongside them. 

With many faces within the film unknown, the story provides them with enough power to portray convincing parts, however it feels to over the top at times due to the over dramatic script and out there elements of the script. 

Of course the film includes a lot of violence and moments that reflect the genre in which the filmmakers are going for, but again they go a little bit to over board to make the whole thing work. 

And there so, the film becomes an over dramatic and feisty film that has no true meaning or matters within it. 

Which is why I am giving it...

2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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