Good Morning My Little Lovelies,

And how are we all today? I am currently sat in a very cold newsroom at university waiting to see my lecturer. I have written a good chunk of work I needed to do, found some interesting things out and now I am going to blog, blog, blog before I get given an essay to edit aha! 

Today I thought I would start the day off doing something that got lost in my emails and I should have done a long time ago! Because lovelies as of last week, the brilliant ‘Californication’ added all seven of its series to Sky Box Sets for you to all binge-watch over the weekend and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the top five moments from the show. 

Starting with...

Meeting Hank Moody: The first time you ever meet the lead character is always going to be a winner, or a loser in some cases, as you get your first look and loves for them. They are the reason you want to watch on and Hank introduces himself pretty well. 

Tim Minchin’s Guest Appearance: I never thought about getting a comedian (a good one!) to appear at my wedding, but this show managed to sell it quite well in fact lovelies. Especially with the comedic genius that is Tim Minchin. 

The Intervention: Hank was always a complicated character lovelies and the intervention from his friends and family around him to help save him provided one of the best moments in TV history as they showed their true strength as a unit.

The Final Scene: We all love a happy ending especially when it is between our favourite characters, so the reunion between Hank and Karen provides a lot of joy for many viewers who waited a long time for it. You will have to watch all the seasons though to get why their relationship is so important. 

The Endless Brilliant Quotes: I couldn’t pick just one iconic quote when writing this lovelies, because there was so many, so I pulled out a few that will make you laugh and want to watch the whole season from start to finish, even if you already have. Here they are: “I don’t just say shit. I mean, I do talk a lot of shit, but I generally mean what I say and I say what I mean,” and “I can’t teach you how to write, and anybody who says they can is full of shit.”

Watch the complete one – seven series of Californication Box Set on Sky Box Sets or with the NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass now lovelies!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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