Good Morning Lovelies, 

First aired on Netflix, the show ‘Bloodlines’ won over critics and audiences when it was first released all at once last year lovelies; however I am joining the gang late as I have only now just got a hold of it, as it is released on DVD and binge watched the whole event. 

Following a family as their long lost brother returns, the series includes 13 episodes of thrilling and intriguing moments that will keep audiences guessing until the very last moment. With each member having their own secrets and their own stories to tell, there is a clever sense that all will be revealed and that the audience must continue to watch to find out all that they need to know. 

And all of this is played out by the amazing cast that has been selected to be in this show, as the likes of Sissy Spacek, Linda Cardellini and more take on the characters surrounded in so much mystery. It feels like at times in fact lovelies as if the cast are finding out things about their characters as we do and that adds even more to their performances. 

The writing is off the charts ultimately lovely and the script is a tightly created masterpiece that Netflix has used to show even more of their talents and ways of changing the TV genre for ever. There is a lot that could be said for their other pieces but this one has a certain charm about it that makes sure that you are not moving from your sofa until you have watched the whole lot. 

And that is why I am giving this show…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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